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Store closed Daily Times

The settings below can be left blank but if you want to use them then fill in ONLY ONE set of times/dates.

Store Closed times are used to close the store everyday between the specified times. If you want to close the store between certain times during the day then fill in these boxes. Example: You have lunch between 12 and 2 every day, then put 12:00 in the start time and 14:00 in the end time.

Store Open times are used to open the store everyday between the given hours. Example: If you only want the shop to be open between 6pm and 11pm then put 18:00 as the start time and 23:00 as the end time.

If your times span midnight then you need to think backwards. If the shop is to only be open between 9pm and 2am then you need to have the store CLOSED between 02:00 and 21:00.

The times are inclusive so if you have the shop open between 6pm and 11pm then you need to enter the time as 17.59 to 22.59